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Place for fans and supporters of Real Madrid all over the world to come together to share their passions, express their views and share resources with fellow Madridistas. Feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.

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Birth of the Real Madrid Fan Club

16 December 2021

A gathering for all madridistas, fans and supporters of Real Madrid from all over the world with diverse backgrounds.

Calling all Peña Madridista to onboard

16 December 2021

Whether you are official registered supporters club or not, write to us to setup a group with us here to engage Real Madrid fans from all over the world!

Shout out to all Madridistas, Fans & Supporters

16 December 2021

Find a supporters' club near where you are to join and immerse in a greater experience of being part of Los Blancos.

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About Us

Uniting All Madridistas, Fans and Supporters of Real Madrid Across the Globe

Peña Madridista Real Madrid Fan Club was founded in 2021 for Madridistas, fans and supporters of Real Madrid who would like to share their passion on a common platform. We also pride ourselves for promoting sporting values through football. 

Young and old, man and women, boys and girls are welcome to our community!

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How to be an active madridistas?

See the opinions of fellow Madridistas and share your opinions with fans of Los Blancos all over the world by posting at the Forum

Be part of a regional Group of fans close to you where you can also immerse in events and activities to fuel your Madridistas passion!

Get In Touch with us if you would like to activate any ideas, Groups or Events that will ignite the gathering of more Madridistas in places where we have yet ventured. If you would like to start your own Group of fans close to you, we could help you liase with Real Madrid to set up an official fan group and design your logo.

Or, simply Submit the Subscribe Form below to start being an active fan!

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